B.V. Jagadeesh

Board Member

B V Jagadeesh is a successful serial entrepreneur in technology field, Venture Capitalist and a philanthropist. He co-founded and was CTO of Exodus communications in 1993 that pioneered the concept of Internet data centers. He was instrumental in successful IPO of Exodus in 1998. Jagadeesh seed funded NetScaler and became President and CEO in 2000. NetScaler was successfully sold to Citrix for $325M and Jagadeesh served as Group VP and GM for Citrix application networking division.

Jagadeesh has served as CEO and President for 3Leaf Systems. Currently Jagadeesh is a Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures. His investments include Ocarina Networks, Ankeena Networks, Netmagic Solutions Edurite, ScaleArc, Nutanix and Whodini. He is focusing on both India and US based entrepreneurs. B.V. also worked in senior positions at 3Com and Novel before founding Exodus. He is based out of Silicon Valley, CA.