Zafar Jafri

Board Member

Zafar Jafri is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and angel investor. He founded Telo Electronics, a leading medical manufacturing company. In the 1980’s, with only bootstrap funds, he grew the company to over 300 employees, $50M in annual revenue and developed global partnerships with HP, Siemens and IBM. Telo merged successfully with public company Sanmina-SCI in 1999 and evolved into one of their most profitable divisions.

Zafar also served as the President and board member of Delchi Corp, a successful wireless cell tower company. In 2005, he founded InPrintz, a large format graphics company where he currently serves as the CEO. He has made numerous successful angel investments in the tech industry in the past decade. Zafar graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from San Jose State University.