MobileForce Software is headed to ServiceNow's Knowledge 2017 on May 8-11 in Orlando, Florida! At K17, we are excited to introduce our new ServiceVelocity Field Service Mobility Solution for ServiceNow’s vast customer base of IT and field service delivery organizations. 
ServiceVelocity delivers a “Single Pane of Glass” productivity dashboard for field service users that automatically integrates ServiceNow with CRM, ERP, Knowledge Base, Cloud Storage, Email, Calendar, Mobile Device Features, Maps, ERP and even Legacy Customer Applications.
How IT, Customer and Field Service Teams Can Unify, Extend and Accelerate Service Productivity
Today, there are well established Service Management applications that help IT, customer and field teams teams with planning, dispatching and tracking service tasks; however none that assist field teams in real-time in the “act of servicing” while in front of a customer. MobileForce Software’s ServiceVelocity Mobile Productivity Suite fills that gap through an AI-driven Single Pane of Glass that “glues” many disparate apps, tasks and data that field personnel need in real-time in both mobile and desktop environments. ServiceVelocity’s user-centric “MorningCoffee” dashboard interface automates surfacing the right client information and service tasks at the right time to help a service technician accomplish tasks faster by intelligently combining only the relevant data, actions and workflows out of their Service Apps, CRM, ERP, knowledge bases, content repositories, email, contacts and other enterprise systems. Moreover, ServiceVelocity delivers the much needed offline read/write transactional and offline content capabilities. Digital service transformation using ServiceVelocity promises faster service delivery times and higher customer satisfaction.
MobileForce Software has extended our business integration capabilities to empower all enterprise knowledge workers with a context-driven workforce app -- an integrated cloud platform purpose built to eliminate “swivel chairing” in today’s real-time economy.  Deployable on public or private clouds, ServiceVelocity and our underlying Velocity360 Platform integrate information and actions from disparate enterprise systems into a context-driven, “single pane of glass” interface. Our integrated solution  is designed to  become essential -- as more service teams depend on functional automation, ready mobility and smooth interaction to operate at today’s speed of business.
At Knowledge 2017, we welcome you to visit MobileForce Software to see our “Productivity in Motion” live demo at its Emerging Innovator Booth # N7.