As MobileForce Software collaborated with leading organizations, we saw through the eyes of our customers that enterprise data is more fragmented than ever. Workers must navigate a mind-boggling mix of cloud, on-premise and legacy backend applications. What’s more, we found that this fragmentation is made more complex by inconsistent application environments and cumbersome interfaces -- across laptops, tablets and smartphones. As a result, knowledge workers -- striving to gather and analyze essential data and harness content and key resources in real time -- often find themselves “swivel chairing” between multiple data sources, application consoles and devices. To address and overcome the “swivel chairing” problem as experienced by today’s real-time service teams, MobileForce Software developed ServiceVelocity for the service workforce seeking immediate and demonstrable gains from the ability to apply real-time knowledge, inform teams with real-time insight and analysts -- all to sustain excellent interactions and take decisive actions. Productivity in Motion(™) in The Lightspeed Enterprise Today, at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2017 in Orlando, Florida, MobileForce Software is proud to introduce. our new ServiceVelocity Mobile Productivity Suite for ServiceNow’s vast customer base of IT and field service delivery organizations.  ServiceVelocity powered by Velocity360 Platform provides tight Integration with ServiceNow Customer Service Management Modules through our unique “MorningCoffee” dashboard interface for context-driven, field service efficiency. ServiceVelocity delivers “Single Pane of Glass” serviceproductivity that automatically integrates ServiceNow with other relevant applications like CRM, Knowledge Base, Cloud Storage, Email, Calendars, Mobile Device Features, Maps, ERP and even Legacy Customer Applications. MobileForce Software is a ServiceNow Technology Partner and MobileForce ServiceVelocity will soon be available on the ServiceNow Store, a vibrant, diverse and innovative enterprise cloud application marketplace with a wide choice of solutions. MobileForce Software’s ServiceVelocity value-added solution will help customers consumerize their field service interactions, automate workflows across multiple enterprise applications, integrate IT operations and more. MobileForce ServiceVelocity is being NOW® Certified for performance, security and compatibility on the ServiceNow platform.