Who is MobileForce Software?
MobileForce Software is a Silicon Valley-based enterprise productivity cloud software company. It is a publisher of Velocity Suite of Productivity SaaS and Mobile Apps powered by its Velocity360 Cloud Platform. MobileForce has the following partnerships:
  • Microsoft AppSource, Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and Windows Store
  • Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle Partner Network (OPN)
  • ServiceNow Technology Partner Program (TPP), ServiceNow Store
  • Google Play Store and Apple iTunes App Store
What is MobileForce SalesVelocity?
MobileForce SalesVelocity is a customizable "Single Pane of Glass" sales transformation application that seamlessly integrates, automates and extends popular enterprise applications such as  SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow, NetSuite, LinkedIn, SharePoint, Google Apps, Office365, Box and other legacy applications. MobileForce provides an intelligent "Single Pane of Glass" experience for field sales and channel partner users optimizing their daily productivity, response times and sales effectiveness. By bringing all the information, tasks and cross-app workflows automatically into a single, secure, unified app interface, MobileForce SalesVelocity significantly cuts down on time required by end-user to get the right information and take the right follow-up actions quickly to deliver the best customer experience. MobileForce SalesVelocity is successfully delivering 25%+ more Sales Productivity to thousands of users at many Fortune500 and Global 2000 organizations such as CenturyLink, Intel, Avnet, TechData and others.
How can I get Help?
  • Refer to Common Tips and Tricks in the User Manual
  • Within the MobileForce App, submit feedback or report an issue by navigating to the "gear" icon on the bottom toolbar Settings > Feedback
  • Send an email to support@mobileforcesoftware.com or Submit an online support case at MobileForce Support Center
How do I install and use MobileForce Client App on my device (for end-users)?
To use the MobileForce SalesVelocity Mobile app on your device (iOS or Android), follow the instructions below:
  • Download the "MobileForce" client app from the respective App Store (iTunes App Store or Google Play). 
  • Launch the app and it will ask you for a Company ID/Account. Type in your designated Account name or for trial account, type in rockstar
  • On the Login Screen, click on the "Register" link and follow the self sign-up steps to setup and verify your email.
  • Launch the app and login with your verified email and chosen password.
  • Under the "Preferences" screen, please select your Email system and CRM system from the list of drop down choices.
  • At the bottom click on "Save" button to finish your setup.
  • You will then land on the "SalesVelocity" home screen from where you can explore different features of the app.
What are the some of the key features of MobileForce SalesVelocity?
  • Native mobile app that runs on iOS, Android, Windows Universal client platforms
  • “Single Pane of Glass” integrated access to all customer-related data from Email, CRM, Calendar, LinkedIn, Cloud Storage and other enterprise applications
  • Offline read/write access to relevant records
  • Offline read access to relevant marketing and sales content
  • Sales mobile app fully customized to your brand, look and feel, style
  • Intelligent “MorningCoffee” dashboard that surfaces only the relevant information and sales tasks for today
  • Full support for BYOD - A custom branded version of SalesVelocity app can be deployed through your internal app store and MDM of choice
  • SAML2-based SSO, OAuth and ADFS support for enterprise-grade authentication and authorization
  • Push notifications support for event-driven automatic alerts and scheduled notifications about task reminders
  • Mobile-device integrations like GPS, maps, camera, video and digital signatures on touch screen
  • Real-Time tracking, archival and analytics on all activities for compliance, to infer best practices and optimize productivity
Is MobileForce SalesVelocity a cloud product/platform?
Yes. MobileForce SalesVelocity is a secure application service hosted on MobileForce’s enterprise cloud, supported by an enterprise-grade SLA (see below). It is available for use in both mobile and desktop environments for the end-users. MobileForce SalesVelocity cloud solution has two components - the MobileForce client application and the MobileForce Velocity360 server-side cloud platform.
From an user experience standpoint, the two components are packaged as follows based on their role:
  • Field service end-users use the MobileForce client application on a mobile or desktop web environment.
  • Administrators use the MobileForce Manager administration console to configure their SalesVelocity application, integrations, customize look and feel, manage users, view real-time analytics of app usage, and manage security policies.
On which cloud are the MobileForce SalesVelocity application and Velocity360 platform deployed?
MobileForce SalesVelocity runs on MobileForce’s own enterprise-grade, secure cloud software infrastructure that is in turn based on Amazon AWS and Azure infrastructure services. In addition, a private cloud-version of MobileForce is available based on customer needs.
What client platforms are supported for MobileForce app?
Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Universal, Web HTML5
Where do we download the MobileForce client apps?
End-users can download the client apps called “MobileForce” from the respective app stores.
What enterprise integrations are supported in the MobileForce Velocity360 cloud platform for MobileForce app?
Some of the popular and common built-in integrations are:
  • Email, Calendar and Contacts - Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Google GSuite
  • CRM - Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, SAP Digital CRM, SugarCRM, ProsperWorks, HubSpot
  • Content - Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Egnyte, Windows File Server
  • Social & News - LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google News, Bing News, RSS Feeds
  • ERP - Oracle, SAP, NetSuite
In addition to the above, there are other integrations into cloud apps as well as support for integrations into legacy, on-premise apps in an enterprise environment.
How do we buy MobileForce SalesVelocity for my organization?
Please contact MobileForce Sales team at sales@mobileforcesoftware.com or send us a request online at http://www.mobileforcesoftware.com/contact
Is MobileForce SalesVelocity available for a trial?
Yes. Typically a 30-45 day trial option is available for MobileForce SalesVelocity. Please contact MobileForce Sales team at sales@mobileforcesoftware.com for a trial or send us a trial request online at http://www.mobileforcesoftware.com/contact
How is MobileForce SalesVelocity solution priced?
In most cases, MobileForce SalesVelocity has two cost components:
  • Recurring Subscription License Fees for the use of application and platform software, based on a 1-year or a multi-year contract
  • One-time Services Fees for any additional customization or custom enhancements work performed by the MobileForce Implementation team
How does the deployment process work?
Upon purchase, MobileForce will provision a dedicated cloud account for your organization and configure it with your chosen 3rd party integrations. The account will be initialized with the default view of the MobileForce SalesVelocity features and capabilities. If there are any customizations to be performed, MobileForce Implementation team will perform the required services to tailor the solution to your organization needs.
Typically, MobileForce SalesVelocity can be deployed in your organization in under 30-days.
  • Upon implementation, an Administrator will be provided access to the MobileForce Manager administration console along with adequate training. Administrators send out setup information to field service users in the organization.
  • Sales team end-users can download the MobileForce client application from the respective public app store based on their device, or from their secure internal enterprise app store (see below). At the start of the client application, the end-user goes through a self-service setup based on the setup information communicated to them by the Administrator.
Will you train my administrators and end-users?
MobileForce provides both Administrator Training Sessions and End-user Training Sessions, typically delivered as webinars during launch. They are also archived and available for users at any time post-launch. On-site training sessions are available upon request for an additional cost.
Can we customize MobileForce SalesVelocity app for my organization?
Yes, there are two levels of customization you can perform to tailor MobileForce SalesVelocity to your needs.
Self-Service Customizations: Things you can do yourself in MobileForce Manager administration console through configuration changes
  • UI Styling, Icons, Banners and Layouts
  • Configuring Enterprise Application Connectors
  • Role-based Access Controls
MobileForce Implementation Team Customizations: Things that need custom code to be written and deployed
  • Custom Backend Connectors to Legacy or Home-grown Applications that you want to integrate into SalesVelocity
  • Custom MorningCoffee dashboard cards
  • Custom-branded SalesVelocity iOS or Android apps to be deployed through your MDM
How do we deploy a “custom-branded-app” version of MobileForce SalesVelocity?
A “custom branded app” version of MobileForce SalesVelocity is an optional feature that you can purchase at an additional cost based on your deployment needs. The MobileForce Implementation Team will create “custom branded app” versions of SalesVelocity for iOS and Android by working with your IT team to obtain design resources (logos, style guides, and other relevant image assets). Once created, your IT team will be provided instructions on how to deploy those custom client app packages (an iOS IPA package and/or Android APK package) in your MDM/MAM system. Typically, this process takes a week or less.
Can we deploy it through my MDM system on my enterprise app store?
Yes. Most popular MDM/MAM systems such as VMware Airwatch, Citrix XenMobile, MobileIron, Blackberry Good are supported.
What are the support terms and SLA for MobileForce SalesVelocity?
The following are our published terms and policies.
How do we contact your support?
Please contact MobileForce Support via email at support@mobileforcesoftware.com or via our Support Desk