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The transition to mobility brings a plethora of changes to the enterprise and many organizations are still looking to balance between value and risk in order to get the most out of their mobile initiatives. IT leaders have to find suitable ways to adapt to the rapid changes introduced by this mobility, and at the same time they must proactively address issues related to new mobile technology adoption and how it affects corporate data security.

Mobile security is of paramount importance to enterprises as it presents a multi-faceted problem that is best addressed with a global and holistic approach. These concerns prevail in IT decision makers' minds as they try to ensure that the critical business data is protected from a full range of security threats subsequent to deployment of the enterprise mobility solutions. CIOs now need to move on from strictly device-focused protection techniques to securing the applications and data they hold without affecting mobile app performance or the employees’ user experience.

Many enterprises are facing uncertainty in regard to the security capabilities and effectiveness of their implemented mobility solutions. Choosing a secure enterprise mobility solution is the foundation of any successful mobile deployment. In addition to the ability to run on multiple mobile devices and integrate with key enterprise systems, mobility solutions have to securely deliver businesses critical data when and where it is needed. The app itself should meet enterprise standards for data security and include capabilities such as user authentication, authorization, data integrity and confidentiality.

It is becoming mandatory for Enterprise Mobility Solutions to support industry standard security protocols and ensure enhanced security of corporate data and networks. Fonemine’s MobileForce applications are engineered with enterprise security in mind; they provide enterprise-grade security that follows industry-standard best practices and technologies, including role-based access, Single Sign-on, SSL, OAuth, SAML, LDAP and AD. MobileForce apps combine these powerful security technologies while working with MAM/MDM provider capabilities such as remote user provisioning, remote wipe, download restrictions, and caching to offer a full suite range of security features and enable the most confident, cross device deployment of enterprise mobile applications available. Additionally, MobileForce applications are setup to easily track usage and get analytics, which will allow for user-specific customer refinements of the app.

Concerns about security and management should not prevent your organization from implementing mobility solutions to drive up workforce productivity and achieve competitive gains. Regardless of these concerns, the momentum for mobile apps is growing and will continue to grow. The future of successful enterprise is in integration technology.

Fonemine can provide your organization with mobility applications that encompass all of the capabilities and functionality required by a modern enterprise, including security, cross-platform support, customizability, key enterprise systems integration, and device-native user experience with the scalability and flexibility which only a cloud-hosted app can provide.  All these elements are combined in MobileForce with the prime goal of helping your mobile strategy succeed.