An Enterprise Mobility Application gains recognition through its performance, reliability, benefits, and cost. The application itself is just the tip of the iceberg though, below it are layers of support, security, integration, tracking and analytics just to name a few that form a dense foundation. “Generation Now” applications need to do more and cost less, bottom line. The progress of previous generations stalled before Cloud Computing changed the rules of the game. Companies that were designed to offer older generation applications attempt to use the cloud, but fall short because they struggle to integrate cloud computing technology. These cracks in the foundation of application deployment, use, and support usually lead to failed projects, frustration, or a clunky user interface. The base of Fonemine’s MobileForce applications were designed to be secure, flexible, maintain a rich user interface, and to maximize the benefits of cloud deployment and support.



Fonemine’s full security sandbox incorporates the industry’s best practice standards for application deployment, data encryption, authentication, device security, enterprise application integration, and secure CMS. Management can be done remotely incorporating user management, access control, policies, and provisions/ wipe with both device level and user level authentication. Security is scalable, and offers cross device/ OS deployment unmatched in previous generations; Mobile web, SMS, and VOIP have been added to Blackberry, IOS, and Android. MobileForce applications are setup to easily track usage, get analytics, and have push button user notifications. In addition, MobileForce applications work seamlessly with 3rd party MDM and mobile app store solutions.

Increased functionality used to mean adding more hours into the budget for programming and support technicians, but no programming experience is required to make changes to a MobileForce application. Dozens of widgets and third party plugins are available to enhance applications and integration, with over 50 pre-built industry leading Enterprise Software Integrations available at the touch of a finger through a single control point; a budget breaking number of programming hours would be needed to do this in a custom application which illustrates the superiority of MobileForce applications, and leaves a vapor trail between them and previous generations. The Cloud empowers remote control and access that can be updated automatically, seamlessly, and on the fly when combined with MobileForce. The elimination of much of the work that would normally be involved in fine tuning an application is a breath of fresh air, leaving more time and resources available to be used elsewhere. Why wait months to deploy an Enterprise Mobility Application that will require multiple programming and updating phases to fine tune, when in thirty days your app can be deployed and tweaked in real-time to meet all of your Enterprise Mobility needs? 

One of the most frustrating and potentially fatal dimensions of an Enterprise Mobility Application is how rich the interface is. Custom and older generation applications are carefully blueprinted and thought out much the same way as an engineer would design a car. Changes under the hood are limited to parts that are compatible with the original design, and are limited by future unpredictability. Incorporating just a few small features can require dramatic changes or even a new application if the concept of a rich user interface is to be preserved. MobileForce is built more like a magic carpet where items on the carpet can be moved around with little effort, requiring basic skills (Lifting a finger vs. programming), and omits the restriction of having to predict the path by allowing the application to go wherever the Cloud can take it.  With its unique UI synthesizer engine, MobileForce applications can tailor the rich, native user interface for the exact device and form-factor leveraging a remote centrally controlled specification which means users do not have to keep re-installing different versions of the app to get new features – they simply always get the latest UI and modules when they open the app. In addition to the user benefit, enterprise organizations can simply eliminate the cost, effort and long deployment times associated with multiple version programming, testing and rollout, while managing a centrally controlled application specification with role-based policies, offering unprecedented flexibility and speed of change management. This dual-benefit is made possible via Fonemine’s unique Native-via-SaaS MobileForce platform.