Thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, pretty much everyone, from dads who never have to travel for work to kids who are still in middle school, can describe their lifestyle as “on-the-go.” But before this technology became ubiquitous, it was the field sales representative who was really always in motion.

A look back at that antiquated schedule—hit the road with samples, strike a deal with a customer, get approval from headquarters, return to the office to fill out forms, run down signatures and counter-signatures—shows just how far we’ve come. But much of the essence in the sales representative’s routine has stayed the same.

As the modern world becomes increasingly mobilized, no one is more on the go than the rep in the field. Only now, the “field” has expanded to encompass the entire global marketplace, and these road warriors must venture further and seal deals faster.

Fortunately for them, in an amazing synchronicity between supply and demand, mobile apps and devices put secure solutions at their fingerprints, empowering reps in far-flung places to initiate and finalize sales transactions in real time with efficiency and profitability. It’s the equivalent of holding an entire office and support staff in the palm of your hand.

Smart companies today rely on the smart technology of tomorrow. Mobility gives sales teams an ability to respond quickly and authoritatively to customers’ needs, gain a competitive edge, and further brand the organization as an enterprise devoted to its customers.

Mobile devices and applications are true deal closers. Mobilized sales representatives in the field will never have to utter the once-dreaded phrase, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” There is no “back.” There is only forward, with a handshake or a bow and a “Thank you for your business.”


*Excerpts taken from article written by Tom Connor on 2014-12-22