August 06, 2015

Beyond Sales Enablement: Discover how to streamline processes, increase win rates and shorten sales cycles.

Ready or not, mobile devices (specifically, tablets and smartphones) will be used by salespeople with or without your help. By accepting and acknowledging this trend is here to stay, the larger issues of security, workflow and appropriate use policies can be meaningfully addressed.

Our experience indicates that companies that are open to mobile devices in the workplace, are quickly learning that the value of tablets (and smartphones), as connected devices, is exceeding their expectations.


But, let’s back up a moment . . .

Companies depend on field sales teams to cultivate and nurture relationships with prospects and customers in order to close deals. To do this, sales teams need real-time access to prospect and customer information to increase win rates as well as to maintain the integrity of all the pertinent information. The ultimate goal is to eliminate any chance of revenue leakage due to process issues, or missing or incomplete data at points of interaction.

For most companies, developing an application is too expensive and takes too long to deliver. Even more, the overhead of maintaining the application is often much more than the original cost of development. Faced with this scenario, sales leaders are often left with little choice but to put these issues on the back burner. Unfortunately, it leaves companies who have moved the issue to the back burner severely disadvantaged relative to their competitors.

A superior mobility strategy, especially within the sales organization, recognizes that prospects and customers have an expectation of immediacy of resolution. Thus, all-encompassing secure integration with existing applications, content, and information is critical. Moreover, incorporating your organization’s process and workflow best practices sets the necessary foundation for a successful rollout.

Working with some of the world’s most visionary companies has given us tremendous insight regarding what works and what doesn’t when the goal is far more than traditionally-defined sales enablement. At the same time, it has allowed us to perfect the security, integration, and process requirements necessary to affect a successful mobility strategy. A mobility strategy that streamlines processes, increases win rates and shortens sales cycles.

If you would like to learn more about how we can do this in less time and at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions, feel free to email us ( Our goal is to assist you in your mobile-enablement journey.