As the mobile-enabled enterprise moves from being a tactical benefit to a strategic imperative, business leaders are able to quickly recognize the benefits. Seemingly on a daily basis, analysts are generating reports touting mobile-enablement’s effect on productivity and financial payback. Especially in areas such as revenue growth, sales effectiveness, and improved customer experience.

On average, a sales person will spend almost 25 hours a week on tasks that lie outside the scope of their specific, sales-oriented tasks. This ultimately translates to missed revenue opportunities. Companies looking to minimize s “seller’s downtime” have found that affording their teams mobile access to integral systems gives those teams the chance to add velocity to their sales cycles. The quickest and in many cases, the most cost effective” solution for this is a mobile-specific application that not only affords sales teams access to everything they need to sell, but does it in a way that’s intuitive, responsive, and easy to use.