What would the impact to your business be if your sales reps had more hours in the week to sell? It’s not a trick question. There are only so many hours in the day, and only so many devoted to work. We’re not suggesting your reps should work more, but rather they can work smarter—and in the process gain back more time in their week that can be devoted to selling.

According to CSOInsights [www.csoinsights.com], “59% of a sales reps time is not spent selling. Can you imagine? That’s nearly 24 hours in a standard work week that sales reps are spending on activities or processes that don’t directly lead to closing deals. Let’s say you could get even eight of those hours back. How many more deals would you be able to close?

A big part of working smarter and the key to getting some of those lost hours back is using the right tools. Enter Sales Velocity. You can think of Sales Velocity as your one-stop sales productivity shop. It’s an easy-to-use intelligent dashboard that provides your reps with the right information at the right time from any device. It’s more than just another mobile productivity tool. With a single, consumer-like app, Sales Velocity gives you visibility when you need it and where you need it so you can focus on what you do best—selling. No more wasting time digging for information or switching between apps. Sales Velocity puts everything in one place. Smart. Easy.

But don’t just take our word for it. The true test is what our customers think.

Cepheid, a leader in molecular diagnostics, faced a huge challenge getting the right information and content--current product datasheets, videos, presentations, and white papers—to its globally distributed sales force and broad network of distributors. “We needed to provide our sales teams with the latest information and deliver it to any device they might be using,” said Abbas Faiq, CIO for Cepheid. “And a new solution had to be easy to use and manage.”

His team now uses Sales Velocity to deliver vital sales collateral to sales reps whether they are online or offline, ensuring that sales has the most up to date information, regardless of what device they use. Collateral, white papers, videos, and reports are all accessible from one app, putting the right material in the right hands at the right time—online or offline—to help shorten the sales cycle. Faiq says the MobileForce app has improved sales productivity and ability to collaborate with customers by an order of magnitude.

Global communications provider, CenturyLink, wanted to free account executives to spend more time with customers, so they can build stronger relationships. They know that stronger relationships result in more deals. After a proof of concept, CenturyLink was able to get MobileForce up and running in a matter of days in order to demonstrate the app at its sales kickoff meeting. Today, more than 300 sales reps have instant access to sales materials and training classes from their mobile devices using MobileForce. And the company also leveraged MobileForce to implement a sales coaching app that will provide guided access to collateral appropriate for specific stages of the sales process.

Using MobileForce analytics, the sales enablement team monitors page views, content views, users, and devices to easily see which materials are most useful and better target their sales support budget. Analytics features will play an even larger role as the company extends MobilForce capabilities to additional systems over time. A 0.5% increase in sales productivity means a five-month payback period for the company.

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