If you sell through a large network of channel partners and resellers, these may be some of the questions that keep you up at night: How do you improve communication and visibility with your partners? How do you lower your channel operating costs? And most importantly, how do you increase channel revenue?

If you have hundreds or thousands of partners, these issues become exponentially more complex. Developing time-consuming processes to manage interaction with partners is one way to try to improve visibility and communication. Of course, those processes often lead to increased channel management costs.

It shouldn’t be this hard. These folks are on the front lines selling your products to customers. You need to provide them with access to relevant information at the right time in order to help them be successful selling. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app for that? Here’s some good news: there is.

MobileForce Channel Velocity is an easy-to-use mobile app that gives you complete insight into your channel ecosystem. Your partners need access to relevant, timely information, content and data anytime, on any device. Channel Velocity is a single, consumer-like app that gives you visibility into your partner community and synchronizes communication with partners. By automating the way you work with your partners, Channel Velocity removes walls between organizations. Very simply put, it makes it easier for partners to do business with you—rather than your competitors. And that drives partner mindshare and loyalty. The result? Shared success and increased revenue.

Malwarebytes provides solutions that protect consumers and businesses against malicious threats that escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. The company sells through a vast network of thousands of channel partners. With Channel Velocity they give their partners fast access to quality content and insightful information when they need it. In addition, they’ve been able to use Channel Velocity to totally automate their deal registration system, resulting in a much more efficient process. Channel Velocity has helped to create a whole new level of intimacy with their partners, which Malwarebytes views as a huge competitive advantage. As Thomas Miller, senior vice president of sales for Malwarebytes puts it, “The more deeply we can integrate into the ecosystem across our channel partners, our business development partners, their backend systems and workflows, the more strategic advantage we get.”

To hear more about the how Malwarebytes uses Channel Velocity, check out the video and case study.