Are your sales reps wasting valuable “selling-time” looking for content in several different locations, never seeming to find what they need? This happens more often than not. In today’s market, buyers are more informed, have less time, and conversations often happen in non-traditional settings. In-office presentations will surely continue, but it is equally possible your rep might only get 15 minutes over coffee or lunch, with no Internet connectivity.

Are your sales reps ready? Do they have access to the right materials to drive effective, compelling conversations anytime, anywhere, at any point in the sales cycle – from lead to proposal? Do they have the ability to quickly and easily access that one piece of content a prospect wants to see at a moment’s notice, and continue to move the deal forward? Or are your sales reps still using PowerPoint and a laptop when they engage a prospect – an approach that destroys immediacy and acts as a barrier between the rep and their client?

Sales Velocity from MobileForce has finally solved this problem, bringing the right information to sales reps at the right time on any device, whether online or off. Sales Velocity enables teams to work smarter, delivering real productivity gains, and creating levels of engagement with prospects and clients that were just not possible before.

Access to content, when you need it, in the right context

Every sales professional wants to look polished and prepared. The right mobile technology enables easy access to content without showing anything that wasn’t planned for your audience. Sales Velocity organizes your content visually, which is especially intuitive and easy to use, leading to a great user experience for your sales reps and their customers.

Present Powerfully

Using the iPad is a more engaging way to sell. What used to require a laptop, VPN connectivity, notes, brochures and other papers, as well as product samples, now can be contained on a simple iPad or tablet. The use of mobile technology allows the presenter the ability to move freely around the room, iPad in hand, engaging the audience as never before possible.

Work Offline, Connect Securely

Sales Velocity lets users access content offline – which automatically syncs when a connection is established – letting sales reps keep deals flowing without technology interruptions. In addition, the solution facilitates secure access and sharing of enterprise content from any device to enhance business productivity while ensuring the highest standards of data security and compliance.

Accelerate the Velocity for Making Better Decisions

Gaining insights has never been easier with rich analytics that provide detailed information about the users, device type, OS and content accessed. This helps optimize and improve reach and value delivered to customers, employees, and partners. Analytics provide visibility into what is driving value and behaviors that are helping to close deals, insight that was just not possible before.

Implement in 30 Day and Make It Easy to Work Smart – Guaranteed.