In sales, time is of the essence. Not having the right information at hand at the right time often results in a sales loss. Even worse, not being able to quote a price when a prospect’s interest is peaking inevitably leaves money on the table.

The process of configuring, pricing and quoting is truly the lifeblood of sales. Ironically, the process is historically arduous and long, with reps often touching up to eight different applications or systems just to gain customer agreement.

Enter MobileForce’s Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity was created to bring speed back to sales. It is a next-generation mobile engagement and productivity optimization solution for the world’s leading sales teams. It solves productivity challenges the right way – by delivering contextually relevant information, at the right time, on any device. Think of it as the customer engagement platform for the 21st century. The solution seamlessly integrates with all systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, SharePoint, Google Apps, Box, DropBox, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others in a single dashboard.

Shortening the Sales Cycle

Sales Velocity empowers reps to create fully configured solutions collaboratively with the customer. No longer do field sales reps need to go back to their office to generate quotes, and then reconnect with a prospect a week or two later. With Sales Velocity, reps can create fully configured solutions collaboratively with the customer, avoiding objections by understanding what customers want the first time.

Sales Velocity empowers reps to provide pricing on the fly, deliver quotes immediately and create new opportunities in their CRM/SFA application, all in this same meeting.

Cross-sell/Up-sell Opportunities

Align your selling patterns to modern-day customer buying patterns to accelerate sales cycles, unlock cross-sell opportunities and delight customers at every touch point by having all the contextually-relevant information, at the right time on the right device for the post-PC “always-on” mobile era.

Implement in 30 Days. Reduce Admin Time and Increase Selling Time – Guaranteed.