The life sciences industry has unique needs when it comes to sales force effectiveness. Companies have rigorous data and privacy requirements and complex, dynamic sales models. The last thing sales reps need is having access to incorrect and outdated materials in the course of their day-to-day selling activities. However, until now, that is exactly what life science sales reps were faced with – old collateral, siloed applications and missed opportunities to make the most of every customer visit, whether at a doctor’s office, hospital facility or clinic.

MobileForce was created to increase the velocity of working smarter and being more productive. MobileForce Sales Velocity is a next-generation mobile engagement and productivity optimization solution for the world’s leading sales teams. It solves productivity challenges the right way – by delivering contextually relevant information, at the right time, on any device, securely.

“We don’t have to build multiple mobile apps. Everything we need is vailable in the unified MobileForce Enterprise Container app. It’s secure and simple to maintain. Time savings, the assurance of current information, and ease of use have already begun to deliver value to the sales and marketing organizations.”
— Abbas Faiq, Chief Information Officer, Cepheid

Accessing the Right Content at the Right Time — Even Without Connectivity

Life science sales teams always have issues finding the right content at the right time. Even if a salesperson may be prepared to share that content in-person, they are often faced with connectivity challenges at healthcare institutions, due to privacy and other regulatory laws that scramble cell phone usage and/or Wi-Fi connectivity in these facilities. Despite these limitations, reps still need quick access to their brochures, asset kits, and digital forms to successfully complete their sales tasks. Accordingly, offline access to content and forms is critical for them.

In addition, if content is stored offline and is updated back on the server by marketing, it is important for the offline content to be automatically synced/updated whenever the device goes back online without the rep having to do anything manually. This ensures they always have the latest FDA-approved literature.

Customer Collaboration Builds Trust and Sales

Life sciences sales reps often take inputs from prospective customers in paper or web-only digital forms – this is hugely inefficient and extremely error prone. Being able to automate these workflows and collect necessary information directly into the tablet – whether online of off – is a hugely beneficial. Further, if there are multiple steps or workflows involved, all data is saved locally on the device, and only when the data collection complete, and connectivity established, is the data forwarded to corporate back office systems.

In addition, Sales Velocity’s offline power also allows sales reps to visually and collaboratively configure complex products while consulting with prospective clients. By being able to work through sophisticated solutions quickly and visually, Sales Velocity lets reps drive higher “customer engagement and intimacy” – which in turn increases customer satisfaction and shortens sales cycles.

Take Control—and Shorten—Your Sales Cycle

Life Science companies reply on a myriad of systems to run their business. Sales Velocity seamlessly integrates systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, SharePoint, Box, DropBox, LinkedIn, YouTube and others into a single, unified dashboard. By making all the data sales reps need – from CRM data to curated news to social connections – immediately accessible at every step of the sales cycle, sales reps can spend less time on prep and admin tasks and more time selling. In fact, we guarantee sales reps can increase their selling time by one hour per day.

Insights Can Lead to Better Decisions

Executive reporting and planning has never been easier with rich analytics that provide detailed information about user behaviors, device usage and content accessed and shared. This helps identify what is driving value, facilitates marketing/sales alignment and helps to optimize future spend and investments.

Implement in 30 Day and Make It Easy to Work Smart – Guaranteed.