High technology businesses are consistently seeking innovative solutions to gain control over sales execution while driving operational efficiencies. Organizational changes, new and retired products, new markets, and new competitors require these businesses to demonstrate a high degree of agility and innovation to maintain and grow their market position in a constantly changing world.

Too often, reps are spending an inordinate amount of time away from selling activities, dealing with “administrative work.” What if you could remove just one of those “admin” hours each day and give it back to your sales reps, so they could be engaging with prospects or customers? Just think how much that one hour could impact your revenue.

MobileForce’s Sales Velocity has what you need to not only reclaim your reps’ time but also drive smarter sales. It is a next-generation customer engagement and field productivity solution for world-class high technology sales teams. It solves productivity challenges the right way – by delivering contextually relevant information, at the right time, on any device. We are making it east to work smart.

Access the Right Content at the Right Time within the Right Context

Sales professionals at high technology companies sell to various industries and have complex sales cycles with multiple stages. Surfacing the right content – automatically – based on the prospective customer’s industry and/or opportunity stage is critical. Sales Velocity not only pushes out the right content at the right time, it also delivers contextually relevant CRM information, curated news, and social connections, all based on calendar and contact data, so reps are better informed and prepared for their meetings. Not only are sales calls more productive, post-sales activities are more impactful. By making all the data sales reps need immediately accessible at every step of the sales cycle, sales reps can devote to more time selling and closing deals faster.

Configure, Price and Quoting Made Easy and Fast

The process of configuring, pricing and quoting operations are more complex for hardware and software companies because they are almost always cross-functional and multi-layered. The diversity of business models supported by most technology ecosystems can increase this complexity by an order of magnitude. Sales Velocity empowers reps to easily create fully configured solutions collaboratively with the customer, provide pricing on the fly, deliver a quotation, and create a new opportunity in your CRM/SFA application – all in a single meeting.

Take Control — and Shorten — Your Sales Cycle

High technology companies reply on a myriad of systems to run their business. Sales Velocity seamlessly integrates systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, SharePoint, Box, DropBox, LinkedIn, YouTube and others into a single, unified dashboard. By making all the information sales reps need – from CRM data to curated news to social connections – immediately accessible at every step of the sales cycle, sales reps can spend less time on prep and admin tasks and more time selling. In fact, we guarantee sales reps can increase their selling time by one hour per day.

Insights Can Lead to Better Decisions

Executive reporting and planning has never been easier with rich analytics that provide detailed information about user behaviors, device usage, and content accessed and shared. This helps identify what is driving value, facilitates marketing/sales alignment and helps to optimize future spend and investments.

Implement in 30 Days and Make It Easy to Work Smart – Guaranteed.