Mobile applications are the new frontier for business. And while the consumer world is using and updating applications and hardware at record speed, this pace is less pronounced in the business world. Nowhere are the effects of this lag more evident than among sales teams who are having to battle siloed, nonintegrated apps and outdated information every time they try to close a deal.

MobileForce is finally solving this problem via a next-generation mobile engagement and productivity solution that delivers contextually relevant information, at the right time, on any device. MobileForce uniquely connects to a wide variety of cloud and on-premise enterprise applications and data sources, automatically orchestrating and synthesizing the information into contextually-relevant user experiences that shorten sales cycles, reduce cost of sales, and gives field reps more "selling time" back in their day.

The Solution To Channel’s Major Pain Points

MobileForce's SalesVelocity is a SaaS-based solutions that is up and running in weeks, easy to use, and delivering double-digit productivity gains - guaranteed. Whether it is at a customer site or on the road, your sales professionals can use our solution to address primary number of pain points:

1. Accessing the Right Content at the Right Time Within the Right Context

Sales teams always have issues finding the right content at the right time. Even if a salesperson may be prepared to share that content in-person, sending it to the prospect afterwards and tracking what was sent via CRM are invaluable steps that are often long forgotten by the time they are logged in to their systems. By bringing information to their fingertips in real time, no crucial steps ever need be missed.

2. CRM/SFA Productivity and Work Smarter

Deploying CRM/SFA applications like Oracle Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a tiny screen just doesn’t work – the real estate is too small and they don’t have workflows optimized for various screens and devices. Sales Velocity seamlessly integrates systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, SharePoint, Google Apps, Box, DropBox, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others in a single dashboard. It automatically pushes contextual information to the sales reps, shortcuts the manual work of logging critical sales activities, and keeps the workflow moving.

3. Delivering Sales Quotes Accurately and Quickly

The process of configuring, pricing and quoting is painful and long – and often reps are touching 2, 5 and sometimes even 8 different applications or systems just to gain customer agreement. Sales Velocity empowers reps to create fully configured solutions collaboratively with the customer, provide pricing on the fly, deliver a quotation, and create a new opportunity in your CRM/SFA application – all in a single meeting. And as soon as the sale is executed, the back-office staff has the information they need to get the product to the customer quickly.

4. Assisting with Cross-Selling / Up-Selling Opportunities

Wouldn't it be great to automatically notify a partner who is quoting a solution to add-in a complimentary product or service offering? How much more revenue would that mean to your business? Channel Spark will cross-reference the products being quoted with other offerings and recommend additional line items for the quote to the customer.

5. Streamlining Special Pricing Approvals

When an approval for non-standard pricing is needed, the process can often takes a week or more. The workflow engine inside Channel Spark automatically pushes notifications to the right decision-makers and gets the partner a decision they need quickly. This shortens sales cycles and satisfaction of all parties involved.

6. Onboarding and Training

Enable on-demand mobile learning with seamless access to training content from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. This includes training videos, product demos, best practices, and other sales enablement activities. Sales Velocity provides an easy way to ensure teams are accessing the latest and greatest materials, but also tracks individual consumption and progress.

7. Notifying Teams When Information Changes

No more excuses by reps not being aware of pricing changes, new content, upcoming events or the latest promotions. Sales Velocity gives you the power to send out push notifications that draws the rep’s attention and provides the information they need, in a timely manner.

8. Accelerate the Velocity for Making Better Decisions

It’s not enough to just close deals faster; sales teams need to understand sales data in the context of overall corporate campaigns. Analytics provide insight into devices, users, content, behaviors, usage, and more. This helps provide visibility into what is driving value/ not driving value, and insight that was just not possible before, helping to optimize future spend and investments.

Save Time. Increase Engagement. Close Deals Faster

“Time” is the only resource we all have to use, every day. If used poorly, sales will suffer. Are your systems and processes making it harder for your sales reps and partners to use their time effectively, impacting their ability to sell and keep customers happy? Not only can a solution from MobileForce be implemented in 30 days, but as many of our customers say, “With MobileForce Sales Velocity we were able to work smarter and be more productive.”