The World is Going Cloud and Mobile

Staying competitive

The digital transformation and migration to cloud is well underway. In an effort to increase both competitive advantage and day-to-day productivity, business leaders are putting an emphasis on leveraging integration, AI, mobility and placing a high priority on products and services that foster new levels of prospect, customer and employee engagement. To do so, CIOs and Line of Business organizations need a powerful platform that can enable them to rapidly build and deploy business-critical solutions on a public or private cloud of their choice, cost-effectively and confidently. A platform that can empower them to move to the cloud, gain scalability and flexibility through containerization, leverage innovative microservices like AI -- all without sacrificing enterprise-grade security.

Enhance each interaction

Consumerization of IT and mobility have dramatically raised the bar on how users perceive and expect to benefit from enterprise applications. This is especially true for sales and service personnel who, through their interactions with prospects and customers, rely on micro-moments based on the prospect’s or customer’s intentions to effectively and efficiently do their job. Therefore, it is critical that information and communication be framed in context to optimize engagement and provide relevance for every moment that matters.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

In order to achieve this, users expect to be able to access enterprise applications anytime, anywhere, and for any duration. Even more, users expect modern interfaces to provide compelling, smart experiences. This not only includes responsive design, but also attention to the correct rendering of an application on different form-factor devices, overcoming the issue of different device operating systems (including multiple versions), as well as UI modernizations.

Optimize your app and solution strategy

The MobileForce AppVelocity™ platform easily creates new web & mobile apps that integrate with your existing applications, and, migrates & modernizes legacy apps onto cloud. No longer do you have to choose to either build everything manually or try to buy everything off-the-shelf -- you can mix and match the two approaches quickly and cost-effectively. This means you can now focus on how your app strategy best serves the achievement of your business goals.

Revolutionary Speed. Flexible Deployment. Cloud Native.

Instead of manually building, integrating, securing and deploying all components of an App Stack for your custom application, utilize AppVelocity™ Platform to automatically provision the entire App Stack and automate the application lifecycle -- leaving only the custom business logic development to you.

The result is >3x faster time to deployment at <1/3rd cost of development. Deliver more digital transformation line of business applications customized to your audience with better scalability, security and manageability. And best of all, you have full flexibility to deploy your application on any public or private cloud of your choice (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or on premise (VMware). Deploy it as a VM or as a Docker Container, standalone or within Kubernetes for elastic scalability.

Enterprise Grade. Enterprise Ready.

The advent of virtualization and containers have totally changed the economics and flexibility of development and deployment environments. Enterprise organizations want to leverage modern innovations and scalability of cloud architectures, without sacrificing control or their preferred security implementation. MobileForce AppVelocity™ is a cloud-native development, change management and deployment platform that supports both private and public clouds, provides standard security patterns, out-of-the-box enterprise integration, line-of-business feature modules, application solution scaffolds and a fast app builder for both web and mobile. It enables IT and Development organizations to create a customized application solution tailored to business requirements quickly by starting with a one-click full stack container provisioning ready to be customized and production deployed.

Critical Features and Key Benefits.

Users expect to be able to access enterprise applications anytime, anywhere, and for any duration. And they expect modern interfaces to provide compelling experiences. This provides unique challenges for the modern app developer. They need to deliver responsive design, pay attention to the correct rendering of an application on different form-factor devices, overcome the issue of different device operating systems (including multiple versions), and deliver a modern UI. 

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