Overcoming business obstacles in the channel

Make your partners productive and accelerate opportunities

When done correctly, the challenges of doing business with channel partners can be overcome, simply and easily. Through the use of MobileForce’s unified application, automated streamlining of workflows between your company and your channel partner will create a formula for success. In turn, your partner’s mindshare will turn to you, because of how much easier it is to do business versus your competitors. This will make your partners more productive, and help you grow your top line. Which, we’re guessing, is why you chose the channel path in the first place.

Companies leverage channels for access to markets and growth

However, the channel can become an impediment to communication with end customers, thereby limiting revenue. MobileForce’s Channel Velocity application helps remove barriers and obstacles to streamline channel operations. Here’s a look at a few.

Visibility and alignment are important

Companies need to “stay close” to their customers to insure they understand their needs. In the absence of a unified process (with their channel partners), companies are blind to trends and insights that are likely to have a significant impact on their business.

Channel Costs

Working with channel partners can involve the creation of time-consuming processes that result in increased channel management costs. These processes, while implemented with the intention of improving visibility and timely communication flows, often have the unintended consequence of creating other obstacles.

Accelerate Your ChannelVelocity™

With insight around all engagement and usage data, you will be able to manage the channel far more effectively. Gone are the days of guessing, now you will know exactly what’s going on with each of your channel partners.

Gain mindshare. Make it easy to do business with you.

Leverage the power of ChannelVelocity™ to automate and operationalize time consuming, manual processes – like deal registration, managing opportunities, configuring/pricing/quoting (CPQ) – that create longer sales cycles and increase the cost of your channel operation.

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