MobileForce 811 App and Ticket Management Software

Locate Technicians

  • Easy to Use Mobile App on iOS or Android (Phones or Tablets)
  • Search, View, Update and Close Tickets Faster and Get Acknowledgement from 811 Member/One Call Center
  • Work on Emergency, Regular and Long Running Tickets - Add Notes, Multiple Pictures, Generate Closeout Packages, Get History
  • Readily Available Ticket-specific Maps, Directions, Clock-in/Clock-out Functions
  • View All Relevant Information on a Ticket in One Place - History, Related Tickets, Schematics, Documents
  • Automatic Voice Call Escalations and Reminders for Emergency Tickets during On Call Hours

Dispatchers and Managers

  • Real-time 811 and Private Locate Ticket Management including Technician and Crew Management
  • AI-driven Dynamic and Automated Ticket Dispatching to Closest Available Technician
  • End-to-end Real-time Integration with any Internal or Third-party Systems to Augment Tickets
  • Real-time Ticket and Technician Tracking Map
  • Customizable Reports on Open, In Progress and Close Tickets, Locate Technicians Hours and Productivity
  • Auto Generated Closeout Packages with Pictures & Ticket History to support Damage Prevention Claims

Total Data Security

Data security is embedded in the foundation of our leading edge ServiceVelocity Platform. With end-to-end, totally secure, fully hosted service, to a fully customized option, our clients are in complete control of their own data. Enhanced Security option allows our clients to provision their own secure internal apps, across multiple cross functional teams, based on a single fully integrated service.

Fully Customized

A bespoke service based on our client’s proprietary process, best practices, workflow, and the familiar user interface their team members are used to.
Powerful solution that integrates industry specific modules and requirements into a fully customized service helping our clients reach unparallel productivity and cost efficiencies.

Damage Prevention

Compromise can be a costly choice in Damage Prevention. MobileForce advanced AI engine, using predicative data modeling, is at the core of our Damage Prevention module. Monitoring and analyzing historical and real-time internal and external data, from all relevant sources. MobileForce AI not only delivers, targeted, mission critical information, the continuous learning process becomes a vital source of intelligence for implementing and managing short-term and long-term damage prevention and compliance efforts.

Unique Value Proposition

Our cost-effective semi-custom and fully customized services offer our clients an opportunity to select precisely what they need now, knowing well, the service will seamlessly and cost effectively scale as their business, industry, and regulatory requirements change in the future. The MobileForce Technology platform can be seamlessly deployed among all internal or external functional organizations. Becoming a single platform that can real time monitor and, using AI, deliver mission critical intelligence as required.

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