Why do you need Field Service Automation Software?

As a service organization, you would like to quickly assign jobs to the right personnel, optimally schedule them and give them all the right tools in the field to complete the job in their first visit. In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction, you would like to increase service and product revenues through speedy quoting and invoicing. A well designed cloud-based and mobile Field Service Automation Software will help you achieve all of that, reducing your operational costs and growing your revenues.

Job and Ticket Management

  • Create work orders, assign and manage jobs / service tickets from start to finish
  • Techs view manuals, close jobs, add notes, upload pictures on mobile
  • Track key performance metrics with real-time reports

Dynamic Schedule, Dispatch & Route Optimization

  • Schedule jobs in real-time based on skills, location, availability, traffic, weather and past history
  • Dispatch quickly and accurately to the right technician and improve first-time fix rate
  • Optimize routes, increase service capacity, reduce travel time and save fuel costs

Quoting & Invoicing

  • Enable technicians to quickly configure, price and quote products and services
  • Get digital signatures, close contracts, process invoices at customer site
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your products and services increasing revenue

Crew & Time Management

  • Track and map status of crews and technicians in real-time
  • Technician notifications and customer messaging help manage time and expectations
  • Enable service personnel to fill time sheets and adjust schedules quickly on their mobile

Inventory & Fleet Management

  • Alert on parts needed for a job and whether it is in inventory
  • Track and manage maintenance notes on fleet used by service personnel
  • Enable barcode scanning of assets in the field to lookup resolutions, notes, history

Mobile Forms & Data Capture

  • Quickly fill out safety and compliance forms on the mobile
  • Capture pictures, barcodes, GPS points, XY coordinates related to a job easily on mobile
  • Connect to assets in the field via IoT and Bluetooth technologies to monitor/troubleshoot issues