Rapid App Builder and Change Manager

A unique enterprise-grade, full-stack, rapid application builder unlike any other in the industry - a powerful combination of low-code/no-code app composer, built-in integration connectors for popular enterprise applications, middleware with AI capabilities, out-of-the-box single sign on (SSO), modern UI templates and cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility. It generates both web and pure-native (not hybrid) mobile apps for iOS and Android, along with their source-code projects that you have full control to further customize, build and distribute. Enables enterprise IT and business teams to build and launch custom line of business application solutions confidently in days instead of months.

Single Pane of Glass UX Module

View and Update correlated data in real-time from multiple systems that is automatically rendered based on a specific context. For example, a field service technician may see the entire ticket context, such as customer, contacts, product info, warranties, service history, associated assets, related knowledge base articles and appropriate manuals all in one single pane of glass user interface - even though they may all come from disparate systems. The user can not only view but can also update data in place without having to switch over to the source system. The component will automatically route the updated data securely back to the source system.

Dynamic Scheduling & Route Optimization Module

Schedule service jobs dynamically to matching technicians and optimize their route automatically based on a variety of options that are tailored to your business needs. Matching is performed based on skills, location, availability and job types. In addition, the scheduling and routing algorithms utilize AI to learn from past history to recommend best choices. Scheduling and routing can be done interactively by a dispatcher in a smart-assist mode, or 100% automated based on rules and priority weights in high volume scenarios or a mix of both.

Predictive Content Module

Intelligently surfaces relevant content to end-users by seamlessly connecting to multiple content repositories (on-premise or Cloud), correlating the content and learning from its usage. Provides value-added capabilities such as cross-repository ratings, meta-data tagging, sharing with tracking and usage analytics.

Relational Forms Module

Quickly build and publish custom digital and mobile forms with a variety of input fields including barcode scanners, GPS locations, files and pictures. Enables automating business processes that require more than a single form app. Enables relational fields that interlink multiple forms with all submitted data going into a Relational Database of your choice for flexible querying and reporting, instead of storing submitted data in a spreadsheet.

CPQ and Service Estimation Module

Rapidly pick and configure an estimate for your customer from products, services, price lists and options to create a product or service quote. Generate a branded quote PDF that uses a template and adds in your quote information. Share it via email or get it digitally signed by the customer in real-time on your tablet or smartphone.

Application Workflows Module

Visually create multi-step workflows which span multiple systems where an action in one system triggers an action in another system and so on. Actions can be read or write operations, can be invoked conditionally. Workflows can be either 100% automated based on an initial trigger which could be a manual user action or itself could be an automated action that was scheduled based on a time-based trigger. Similarly individual workflow steps can involve a fully automated action or something that requires manual intervention or a combination of both interleaving each other. Any manual interventions in the workflow can be configured to be performed by role-based participants and are automatically notified.

Augmented Fleet Management Module

As businesses scale up to address increasing demand for field service, MobileForce augments their fleet management with intelligent data-driven analysis of the jobs/incidents being serviced and  the technicians skills, as well as provide intelligent scheduling and dynamic route optimization algorithms to improve service efficiency of the entire fleet. In addition, MobileForce provides the service technicians with an automated mobile service estimation solution, that integrates with the product/pricing as well as the sales automation.

Voice Assistant Module

Enables a NLP-based AI assistant that can converse with the user via voice to automatically perform day to day tasks on their behalf. The vocabulary can be customized and the model can be optimized to the business needs and context. The additional interface enables users to operate in conditions where they do not have full data connectivity or to use in hands-free environments. The assistant is well suited to answer queries and capture data quickly and naturally.

Intelligent Text Module (iTM)

A smart text messaging interface for end users to fill forms, submit tickets, capture data, create cases and query statuses that securely integrates in the backend with web-based and enterprise systems. This easily extends web-based systems with a text messaging component that can be used when users do not have internet connectivity or PCs to use to complete their tasks. The intiutive interface supports multi-step text messages with workflows, simplifying and consumerizing user experience eliminating the need for end-users to directly interact with complex enterprise system user interfaces.

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