Cloud and native mobile SaaS solution that instantly connects Knowledge Workers to Business Systems through easy-to-use, integrated and secure workflows – deployed on iOS, Android and PC devices. 

Imagine, not having to swivel through enterprise silos and clicking through unnecesssary navigation.

Out of the Box Workflows

With 100s of readily available workflow use-cases across enterprise system connectors, MobileForce Workflow™ enables easy creation of workflows that span business system silos. Single-step workflows or multi-step ones are supported, equally easily. The workflows can themselves be "user initiated", for example: “creating a new lead” from a received email, or "event driven", for example: approval of employee expense report.

The out-of-the-box connectors include enterprise systems such as Office365, Google Suite, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics365, SugarCRM, Oracle Cloud, SAP Digital CRM, HubSpot, Zendesk, Workday, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira and more.

Simple User Experience

Workflow apps empower a versatile user interface - either as a standalone mobile app, as an Outlook add-in, Messaging plug-in or as a add-on in an UEM solution. They are available across iOS and Android mobile device end-points as well as web-browser end-points. The user can efficiently fetch information or take effective actions across all relevant business systems without ever leaving the comfort of their email window.

No-Code Workflow App Builder

IT teams or business analysts can easily create, test and instantly deploy custom workflows themselves using a self-service builder. Workflows are easy to construct by simply specifying business system sources, objects and fields, trigger types (event-driven or user-initiated) and actions to take (update data or flow of data to another system or send an email). The underlying MobileForce AppVelocity™ platform does the magic by abstracting away the complexity, while enabling rapid creation, integration, and cloud deployment of workflows. No coding needed. No infrastructure needed.

Enterprise Grade Security

With built-in support for SSO, OAuth2 and authentication services like Okta and ADFS, coupled with full MDM-support for secure mobile deployment, MobileForce Workflow™ enables seamless, role-based deployment and secure experience across all users of the enterprise. All integrations are encrypted end-to-end from the end-point device to the business system and, information accessed or updated is based on user's own authorized privileges in the relevant business system. All interactions are real-time with nothing stored anywhere in between or on the device.

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