Cepheid’s innovative molecular diagnostics solutions are making it possible for physicians, clinics, and healthcare systems to quickly diagnose a range of diseases and accelerate treatment for better patient outcomes. The company focuses its efforts on applications where accurate, rapid, and actionable test results are needed most, such as critical infectious disease, immuno-compromised cases, healthcare-associated infection, sexual health, women’s health, and oncology. With a global sales force and complementary distributor network, delivering the most current product datasheets, videos, presentations, and white papers had become challenging.

Until recently, product collateral was stored in the company’s SalesForce system, which users accessed through a custom-developed iOS app, which replicated content to the local device’s storage. This replication was manual and time consuming, often taking several hours. Reps frequently didn’t have Internet access when they needed it. Hospital WiFi guest access networks often prohibited users to go out to the public Internet for compliance reasons. And sales teams in remote areas or developing nations often found themselves without Internet access at all.

Even when reps cached sales materials on their PCs or laptops, the vast amount of data made it time consuming to pull up the right literature to share with a doctor, with whom they might only have a few minutes of time. In addition, when collateral was stored locally, the sales person could not be sure when materials were updated by the marketing organization and which files stored on their PCs were still current.

For the Cepheid IT team, the iOS app also posed certain maintenance challenges. When Apple released a new OS version, the app no longer functioned. It took time and money to upgrade, and meanwhile, sales reps were not able to use their tablets in selling situations. Cepheid tried the Salesforce1 mobile app, but this required the user to be online to access files. Users also complained that the app was difficult to navigate. It was time for a new approach.

“We needed to provide our sales teams with the latest information and deliver it to any device they might be using,” said Abbas Faiq, chief information officer for Cepheid. “And a new solution had to be easy to use and manage.”

When Faiq and his team set out to find a new solution, they evaluated several. However, they chose MobileForce Software’s digital content access and management solution.

“We really liked the fact that the MobileForce Enterprise Container app is a single app,” he said. “We can deliver new functionality simply through a new configuration—we don’t have to build new apps to deliver new capabilities.”



MobileForce Sales Velocity, powered by the MobileForce Unification Engine, enables enterprise sales reps to access important enterprise data and processes through a unified, secure enterprise container app. In just 21 days, Cepheid launched the app to its sales teams. Using the MobileForce sales enablement solution with its Secure Enterprise Container app and out-of-the-box application connectors, Cepheid connected the MobileForce app to its NFS shared storage and its single sign-on (SSO) application—effectively unifying access to collateral in one place.

Native client and web (HTML5) apps enable users to view and download materials on laptops and mobile devices through a rich interface. Each user has personalized, role-based access to the materials that they are eligible to see. Push notifications automatically notify sales reps when new content is published. And new information is automatically downloaded when the device is back online. Now users have the latest materials available to them—even when they are offline. The MobileForce Cloud platform also provides security, policy management, analytics, app control and management from a single point.

“Rick Nottingham, senior director of IT infrastructure and operations at Cepheid manages the MobileForce deployment,” said Faiq. “He has high standards and is a tough guy to please. And I can say that with MobileForce, he is a happy man!”



Faiq said that already the MobileForce app has improved sales productivity and ability to collaborate with customers by an order of magnitude. Collateral, white papers, videos, and reports are all accessible from one app, putting the right material in the right hands at the right time—online or offline—to help shorten the sales cycle. Reps also have access to their own personal folders.

The MobileForce app increased efficiency. The marketing team no longer has to resend materials to individuals at a moment’s notice or spend time double-checking to make sure which materials are available.

At the same time, product teams receive guaranteed delivery of the latest information to the sales team and by extension, the customer. Today, several executives also are using the MobileForce app to access materials and to receive sales and other executive-level reports through a dashboard.

For IT, the benefits are profound. MobileForce integrated with Cepheid’s existing Okta SSO system. Once connected, no provisioning is needed. Users sign on and receive a personalized view and role-based access privileges. Cepheid can assign different access privileges to content depending on position, region, market, or other variables.


Next Steps

The successful sales enablement app is now sparking ideas for a range of other possible uses. Faiq says that there are discussions underway to provide similar capabilities to Cepheid distributors worldwide. Adding features like access to commission reports, calendars, customer profile information, CRM access, curated news, and social media context are possibilities for further increasing sales velocity.

The next phase of deployment includes a proof of concept integration with Cepheid’s SAP system. This could potentially give reps the ability to easily look up sales orders, customer pre-qualifications, and other information.

“We don’t have to build multiple mobile apps,” said Faiq. “Everything we need is available in the unified MobileForce Enterprise Container app. It’s secure and simple to maintain. Time savings, the assurance of current information, and ease of use have already begun to deliver value to the sales and marketing organizations.”