Fighting cyber threats and cybercrime is a full-time job for thousands of security specialists who work for technology resellers. Malwarebytes has set out to make their job easier. Malwarebytes provides software designed to protect consumers and businesses against advanced threats that consistently escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. With worldwide operations, Malwarebytes sells its products through several large distributors and a vast channel of reseller partners.

As Tom Miller, senior vice president of global sales for Malwarebytes, thought about how to increase his company’s brand relevance to this large partner channel, one thing was clear. These resellers are on the front lines as they help customers prevent hackers from affecting their operations. This channel is critical to Malwarebytes’ business. But there are thousands of them, so how could he efficiently increase interaction and engagement with them?

“Nothing is more important than our brand relevance to this audience,” said Miller. “I was looking for a way for Malwarebytes to be there with them when they need us—providing access to information and helping them be more successful. And I wanted to do it with an outstanding user experience and mobile technologies that just weren’t available until recently.”

A new sales enablement solution had to provide an intimate experience that made it easier to do business with Malwarebytes than with competitors. But the new solution also had to be efficient and quick to configure—the company wanted to demonstrate a solution at its upcoming sales kickoff meeting, just weeks away.

Most importantly, the solution had to be optimized for mobile use. Partners are in customer accounts all day long and need to be able to answer questions on the spot, quickly find information, and place orders immediately over a tablet or phone. Malwarebytes had previously relied on its website to deliver information and provide a portal to a backend for channel partners. However, the portal approach didn’t integrate well, provide workflow, or support quoting and payment processes.

“We just couldn’t continue trying to drive business through a website portal,” said Miller. “We needed a ‘mobile first’ solution to accelerate the sales process. And we wanted to be the first security company to have a leading-edge solution that enables our partners to be successful.”



After looking across the market for the right solution, Miller concluded that only MobileForce had what they needed. A demonstration of Channel Spark, powered by the MobileForce Unification Engine sealed the deal. The solution synthesizes secure, scalable native apps by pulling data from any backend source. It then adds the necessary workflow and renders a unified view of data across PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices—perfect for use by partners and field sales teams. And, Malwarebytes could deploy its apps quickly with a great design and user experience.

“There is nothing like it,” said Miller. “To us, the mobile user experience is critical. It gives our partners fast access to quality content and insightful information when they need it. And it enables us to stand out by being helpful, trusted, and a better business partner.”

Developing the initial app took just a few days because there is no need to write code. App construction in MobileForce is modular, and the software enabled Malwarebytes to use its existing firewall and mobile investments and optimizations. These features save time and eliminate the need for expensive programming and integration. Native client and web (HTML5) features enable users to access materials on laptops or tablets through a rich interface. Each user’s interface is automatically personalized with full device and location integration.

The new app for reseller partners includes four primary components. The news scroll bar updates the community on relevant cyber security and cybercrime topics. It features updates on global issues, zero-day vulnerabilities, new malware, and attack alerts. Content access makes it fast and easy for users to access Malwarebytes content, case studies, videos, webinars, and product information. Partners also can track their business with Malwarebytes. Backend database,, and license key generation systems provide the latest information about deals, processes, and opportunities with a tap or swipe.

MobileForce also built configuration, pricing, and quoting functionality for Malwarebytes, drawing data from its backend quoting and transaction systems. Now, partner representatives can work directly with a customer, on the spot, to answer questions, create a quote, or place an order.



The most important benefit, as Miller sees it, is competitive advantage. Because partners’ sales representatives are mobile most of the day, being able to help them when they need something—in that moment—increases their success and therefore, their loyalty.

“I’ve been really impressed with how fast I can go from an idea for creating competitive advantage to the ability to launch a new capability,” said Miller. “If we don’t meet our partners’ mobility needs and deliver strong brand relevance, a competitor will. Our new MobileForce solution helps us change the playing field in ways that were just not possible before.”

It’s easy to customize and add features to the solution over time. Changes can be made without affecting the user experience or disrupting existing workflows or backend systems. And as partners provide additional feedback, the app is designed to iterate to meet changing business needs. The MobileForce solution also exceeded Miller’s expectations for efficiency. Changes can be pushed out dynamically and information is synthesized in real time. Because of the app’s efficiency, Malwarebytes can create a personalized, relevant experience for all of its partners while simplifying communication and ordering. Miller says that this efficiency can pay off for higher margins for the company’s partners.

The MobileForce cloud platform also provides security, policy management, analytics, and app control and management from a single management console. Miller plans to use the app’s rich analytics to track partner engagement, functionality usage, and content consumption to determine what is driving the most value. Analytics will help Malwarebytes gain unsurpassed visibility and help fine-tune future investments to continually enhance its relevance with partners.

Next Steps

Everyone at Malwarebytes who saw the initial app at the sales kickoff meeting was enthusiastic, and now the internal sales team is clamoring for it. Miller laughed and said that the app had “gone viral” internally.

“We’re the only security company delivering a leading-edge experience for our partners,” he says. “We’ll measure success by number of partners using the app and make the app as comprehensive as possible to meet their ongoing needs. Now we can capture those mobile moments and give our partners a superior user experience with our brand. And that’s what we’re after.”